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Client Testimonial - Blue Badge Company

Bathcomms have been great Magento support and development partners these past two years and we've enjoyed a great working relationship with them. We've come a long way with our website and related systems during that time and Bathcomms have always been there for us when ever we needed the site to support our rapidly developing business activities. They do this in a very cost effective way, invariably finding a way through that we can afford.

They provide all our website hosting facilities too and have kept the site performing very well through some major traffic peaks including when when we were on Dragon's Den when we got a serious amount of visitor traffic and over 2 months worth of sales in an hour, with no issues with the site's performance.

Bathcomms are very much a 'can do' company who celebrate our successes and commiserate with our challenges and if there's a technical web solution to our challenges, they are on to it! 

We are now looking forward to engaging our client base still further with their S-Commerce stories and reward points extension which is close to our heart as we've always valued all the contributions of everyone who's involved in the supply as well as the purchase of our unique product range of travel accessories and home comforts see:

Ellen Green

Ellen Green
Company Director, Bluebadge Company

Blue Badge Company