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Sustainability Features

Sustainability Features for MagentoIntroducing … S-Commerce

If asked to think about it, most reasonable people would agree the eCommerce, just like any commerce should not exclude the opportunity to build real relations between real people, to value the human input to all parts of product's supply chain and to meet needs at the least cost to the planet. Reviewing what this means for the Magento platform we've come up with some functionality that helps in these areas. Our S-Commerce (S is short for Sustainability) Extension  empowers product story telling, a Used  Product sourcing and cataloging and to help motivate engagement with these as well as normal sales there's also a reward points facility.

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Key benefits:

  • Enhanced product human interest value in the minds of purchasers
  • Generate reassurance in prospects looking for an authentic indication of the genuineness of your company and the products you sell. 
  • Enhanced customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Increased supplier satisfaction and engagement. 
  • Reduced administration for selling Used Products alongside new ones.
  • Opportunities to explore new channels for sourcing products for sale that are non-new or seconds.  Including with with existing clients/customers.
  • Usual reward/loyalty points sales improvement benefits.
  • Friends and family Customer driven introductions to friends and family via 'points gifting'.
  • Usual product review benefits.
  • Improved search engine ranking due to increase original text content on product pages.

All of which can increase product sales, especially to customer groups who respond well to the 'human touch' and who take sustainability seriously.


Stories – front end users:

  • Easy, front-end, product-specific story submission/editing by customers and 'involvement groups'
  • Product related roles to submit stories under 
  • 'role group' stories support/admin. (eg. Designers, producers, growers, manufacturers, logistics people, your staff).
  • Post-purchase story submission reminder emails.
  • Self publishing privilege for trusted story contributors.

Used Products – front end users:

  • Used product submission including extra used-product related information input fields.
  • Additional, mobile friendly Used Product information input fields including geo positioning.

Points – front end users:

  • Order value points earning
  • Points redemption against an order of some or all of a customers points.
  • User account points balance and transaction history
  • User account used products and stories history.
  • Points transfer/gifting support.
  • Points balance and history.

Stories – admin:

  • Admin controlled used product workflow support and points allocation
  • Used products – admin:
  • Admin controlled Used Product workflow and authorisation for catalogue enabling and points allocation to the contributor.

Points - admin:

  • Admin-set points earning and redemption rates.
  • Admin total points transactions ledger.
  • User points adjustments.


  • Front end is Mobile, tablet and desktop compatible.
  • User role-based access control.
  • Magento Compatibility: All recent Magento CE versions.

Availability and Ordering:

Each installation is likely to need an element of customisation. We therefore offer the S-Commerce extension as a quoted service to install and configure to your specific requirements.

Contact Us for an S-Com Extension and Installation Package or any Bespoke Requirements