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Magento SEO

Magento SEOWebsite owners can dramatically increase the volume of relevant visitors to their websites through effective search engine optimisation (SEO). Well-linked and well-optimised sites benefit from increased traffic leading to – importantly – increased sales.


Key Benefits:

SEO is about putting your site in front of the right people on popular search engines. Search engines work hard to understand what users are looking for, and connect them to the appropriate results.


SEO is really all about best practice to ensure that the website both performs well technically and is relevant to the search enquiry.

Our SEO campaigns therefore target:

  • The efficiency of the Magento website: does what’s under the bonnet work well (adhere to web standards) and serve the user experience?
  • The quality of the content: is the website and are the products described appropriately?
  • The authority of the website: is the website linked to well by other relevant websites?


In our initial six-month SEO package we will achieve for you:

  • Increased site ranking, leading to …
  • Increased site traffic, leading to …
  • Increased sales.

Magento SEO Service Options: