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Mobile Apps

Magento Mobile AppsOur Mobile App builder service provides all the key features of your Magento store on a native app. You get the mobile app specific features too like Push notifications  (iOS or Android) running on the user's smart phone. This will provides a no-compromise smart phone user interface and customised user experience both of which are designed to dramatically boost conversion rates.


Key benefits:

  • Provide the best possible user experience for the 70% of site visitors who now use smart phones - fast, attractive interface with no log in needed.
  • Customized marketing - the user who will always be identified by the app so marketing messages can be targeted accurately.
  • Find out 'who likes what' and prioritize what product are shown.
  • Social – works better with social sharing
  • Integrates with standard Magento backend for ease of catalogue management.
  • App store visibility
  • Mobile 'brand' visibility – as an app it's there on the phone's 'home page'.

Functions included:

  • Functionality: All the usual front end features: search, catalogue, basket, checkout and user account.
  • Shared site back end for product and category management
  • Customized look and feel based on main magento site theme.
  • Operating systems: iOS – coded in Objective C; Android – coded in Java

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