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About Bathcomms

Magento Expertise and Experience

Magento® 'One Stop Shop' service

We are a company of Megento developers and allied skills bringing to our Magento site owning clients an integrated suite of technical and promotional services.

Our Management and Partnership Model

We are UK led and managed and assisted by our proven and trusted partners in Germany and India. Our team works seamlessly to deliver Magento expertise in depth across our range of services ensuring that we’re effective and cost efficient.

Our Clients

Our clients all use the Magento Community Edition platform and range across various sectors including home improvements, jewellery, art, disssability products, equestrian products, laboratory equipment and supplies, industrial supplies, musical intruments and sports clothing to name the current ones. Their common factor is that they have bought in to the benefits of Magento and are using it dynamically as a crucial part of their business. (See our latest testimonial).

Our Skills and Professional Approach

All our developers are Magento Certified. The average developer has 3 to 4 years developing Magento sites and technical team leader/developers have far more experience over a wide range of Magento Community Edition and Enterprise sites.

Our web server administration expertise complements our coding skills allowing us to offer a 'one stop shop' for Magento technical support. Our server skills are available in depth both within the operations team and through an an expert server partner we use for our own servers to provide optimised and high performance hosting envrionments. We also work closely with our two main hosting companies that we have a good proven relationship with.

Professional software approaches we use include an integrated development environment linked up wth Git Version Control and, for monitoring both servers and magento sites we use the Nagious system with a proven and constantly improving set of checks. This allows us to head things off at the pass by keeping an eye on trends and alerting us before issues become significant.

Our Background

Bathcomms has been buidling, developing and supporting Magento websites since 2010. Most have had a significant be-spoke development element. We have long had a passion for commercial and household carbon footprint reduction management and have built web-based work flow systems to assist and research these areas.

Bathcomms is the trading name of Bath Communication Systems Ltd a web application development company founded in 1997. Company number: 3483506 and our registered address is: 4 Montague Road, Saltford, Bristol BS31 3LA.